Doe name Buck Name Due date Kidding date Doe Kids Buck kids Reservations
Coyote Kidz Eggja Stone Coyote Kidz Howl Pendtagon 3/30 4/9 2 1 1st doeling retained, one doeling available one wether available
Seven Winds AOJ Concerto Coyote Kidz First Class FR8 4/4 4/7 4 1 One doeling retained. Two doelings available. One Wether available
Coyote Kidz Seraphina CA Blackberr's Borally 1/28 1/25 2 1 1st Doe kid retained
Gabhran Creek Ring My Bell Old Mountain Farm Troy Tuggle 3/27 3/30 1 1 1 doeling retained, 1 Buckling Available
Coyote Kidz Cerise Rouge Dill's ROD Loose Lips 4/4
Hyalite MQ Fleur Noire Dill's ROD Loose Lips 4/3 4/8 2 Two bucklings available
Springwater AL Jane's Journal Spring Water PPT Atlas 4/4 4/6 2 Two doelings Available
Springwater AL Ridin Side Saddl Triple R Ridge Prince Quinn 4/1 4/6 2 1 Two doelings available
Oak Apple April 23 Spring Water PPT Atlas 5/24 1st doeling retained
Gillis Family Farm Snapoutofit Spring Water PPT Atlas 5/22
Walsh Kids Guinevere Wolfivan CQ Kentucky Bourban AI 5/29 1st doeling retained, 1st Buckling retained, 2nd doeling reserved
Irish Creek Farms Lavendar Wolfivan CQ Kentucky Bourban AI 5/29 1st doeling retained, 2nd doeling reserved
Irish Creek Farms Passthepunch Triple R Ridge Prince Quinn 4/13 4/8 2 Two buckling availabel
Goat Forest farm Fern Coyote Kidz Howl Pendragon 4/1 4/8 2 One buckling reserved, one buckling available
Goat Forest Farm River Coyote Kidz Howl Pendragon
Greyn Acres DJ Double D Mt Rivendells 1st Class Ticket 3/29 4/1 1 Doeling retained
Oxbow Bend Luna Lovegood Coyote Kidz Howl Pendragon 3/30 4/6 2 Available as wethers
Van-Goghts Ash Dill's ROD Loose Lips 4/25
C'Nut Acres Lil' Gueen Bee Dill's ROD Loose Lipps 4/4 4/9 1 One buckling availabel
Aspen Coyote Kidz Howl Pendragon 4/1 3/6 3 1 Three doelings available. One wether or unregistered buckling available
Goat Forest Farm Mystery Mt Rivendells 1st Class Ticket 4/6 4/9 2 One Buckling with Blue eyes available, one chocolate wether aailable

Reservation Policy

Goat Forest Farm Reserves the right to retain ANY kids from any breedings.

There is No deposit required prior to birth however performance homes are given preference.

When your kid is born a half down deposit is required within two weeks of your notification of birth. If the deposit is not received then the next buyer in line will be offered the kid. Kids must be picked up and balance paid within two weeks of weaning if dam raised or three weeks of birth if bottle raised. If full payment is not received in the timeframe listed above or other arraignments made then deposit is forfeited and the kid will be back available for purchase. If you decide to not purchase a kid that you have put a deposit on or can’t find transportation then the deposit will be forfeited and kid will be sold to the next buyer on the wait list. Shipping, Transportation, Health Certificates, and any requested testing will be done at the buyers expense. We are happy to facilitate the Vet appointments but all fees must be paid prior to the kid leaving our property. 

We reserve the right to refuse any sale at any time for any reason. 

When Purchasing a goat from Goat Forest Farm, you agree that we have the first right of refusal, at the original or fair price should you sell the goat at a later date. 

Due to Biosecurity, once an animal has left the property, they can not be returned. Once an animal leaves out property we can not guarantee its future health, growth, production, or quality. We have done everything we can to make sure that we are breeding quality healthy animals however we can not control gene combinations. We will only sell healthy animals and only allow healthy animals to leave our property. Once they leave our property we can not be responsible for its health.