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We have begun kidding so please check out our kidding page and our Facebook page for available kids!

 What started off as a few unregistered does as a 4-H project for 9 year old girl has bloomed into the beautiful madness we call Goat Forest Farm. With the help of some awesome mentors and other breeders around the state we have been able to create a lovely herd that we are very proud of. We have carefully selected our ladies for their correctness and productivity. Another quality that we strive for is a great temperament. We like our ladies and bucks to be easy to handle and a pleasure to work with and be around.     

In January of 2024 we had the amazing opportunity to absorb the Round Mountain herd. This was a HUGE undertaking for us and it required a lot of family support to make it happen. We are so excited to get these amazing animals all settled in and working for us in our herd. 

That bing said, we will have a handful of quality animals for sale as we try to settle everyone in and reconfigure future plans. If you are looking for a quality home milk goat or something to take to the show ring, we likely have what you are looking for. Check out our sales page for available animals. If you don't see what you are looking for please ask. Its very possible that they are simply not being advertised yet. Prices start at $200 and go from there. Discounts given to kids with proof of enrollment in 4-H or FFA as well and performance herds.

Make sure you scroll to the bottom of the page and check out our incentive program! 

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If you purchase a goat from us that carries our herd name and you help prove it out in any of the following ways, we will reimburse you! 

💥 AR Milk star- $25

💥 CH designation- $50

💥 SG designation- $50

💥 Linear Appraisal- $25

💥 +B for a buck- $100

We would love to see these genetics proven. So paying you for your hard work is one way that we can encourage people to help with that! If you have purchased an animal from us that has our herd name and accomplish any of these, please pm us to let is know! We will extend the Milk Star incentive to any daughters of any of our bucks no matter what their herd name is. 

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